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A candid podcast about side hustle life from Sew Bonita & Taco Gear


The reviews!


I was lucky enough to meet Gerald and Elena this summer. They were so kind and giving with all of their knowledge. Even in person they are THAT passionate about wanting other people to succeed. I left pumped up and ready to expand my crafty horizons.

Creative Queso

The Sew Taco podcast has been great to listen to. Great information and the real life husband and wife banter and conversations make it entertaining as well as informative. The podcast is the guacamole on top of their great products they offer.


This is definitely one of my TOP podcasts to listen to! Thanks “Sew Taco” for such great insight and tips for small businesses! Looking forward to more!



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“Two Side Hustles and a Microphone”

We talk about everything and anything related to running our two brands Sew Bonita & Taco Gear.

Sew Taco is a podcast with the power team (husband and wife) who run the popular and successful brands (Taco Gear® & Sew Bonita). We talk about the stories, fun times and challenges that come with running an online brand and anything else that crosses our mind.


Our Latest Episode:


She Sews & Creates

My name is Elena Flores, and I am a wife, pit bull mom, cat mom, Latina, and CHINGONA! I was born and raised in the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, and currently living in Corpus Christi, Texas with my husband, Gerald Flores (, and 4 furry children! I started my sewing venture in 2014 as a hobby! I took a few classes, but for the most part self taught! This turned into an entire brand for me called "Sew Bonita". I am obsessed with every part of my Mexican culture! The food, décor, color, music, traditions and so much more! If I could I would throw cascaron confetti everywhere I go! 


He Eats Tacos & Creates

Hey Taco Lovers! My name is Gerald Flores. I design, love life, am crazy about my wife, and eat a ton of tacos right here in beautiful Corpus Chrisit, Texas. I started a taco clothing brand back in 2015. Like many latinos, tacos are a huge part of my life. Tacos represent my culture and so much more. Tacos bring people together! Ever since then I have had so many opportunities and more importantly, so much fun with "Taco Gear". It was my crazy idea to start this podcast, but quickly after starting, my wife and I became so damn excited about what we were sharing and talking about. really We hope you enjoy it!


“Just Start.”

Gerald & Elena Flores


We hold nothing back.

One of the best things about doing this podcast (and most surprising) is how many people relate to what we are doing. Listeners send us messages telling us how they appreciate the raw and candid conversations we have about side hustle life. We definitely do not claim to be experts at it. What we ARE experts at is what has worked for, what hasn’t and the experiences we've gone through.


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