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Season 2


Sew Taco Continues!

We had so much positive feedback from Season 1 that we absolutely had to keep going. In this season we open up even more about what’s going on with us and how what we say/share can continue helping other side hustlers. We actually have a lot more fun in this season too.


Who’s at the door? - S2 E1

We're back! In this episode we kick off Season 2 with some of our thoughts on what doing our first podcast was like, addressing some things from season 1, AND we also had a lot more fun.


It’s the little things - S2 E2

The little things, tips, tricks and how we create inventory (or lack there of) is what we talk about in this episode. Actually, that's just some of the things we cover. Oh, and Elena barely discovers that I named her microphone.


Espresso funk - S2 E3

My goodness we were busy. We talk all about the crazy busy weeks/months w've been having along with the funk one of us got in AND our espresso machine exploding (all in one episode, whoa).


Facebook owes you nothing - S2 E4

Social media. It's a heavy topic. How do you handle it with a side hustle? What should you do, post, etc. We talk about all that in this episode and also share a few other nuggets. Oh yeah, we talked about how we danced our asses off with some 80 year olds.


Don’t go crazy - S2 E5

First, in this episode, Elena tells me now to look at her cleavage, then we talk about some things to avoid so you don't go crazy with your side hustle. Some awesome things also happened to us recently. 
Elena's - 
Gerald's -


Elena gets scared - S2 E6

We start out with Elena getting scared from a new show on Netflix, then we jump into preparing our online stores for the holidays and Elena goes deep into conversation about her new project and patterns.


Gerald was a magician - S2 E7

Yes, Gerald was a magician for a good while. Elena interviews Gerald in this episode of Sew Taco. A lot of the skills learned to perform and just hustle with magic in general can definitely be applied to any side hustle. 
Special visit mentioned by @taque_son


New Orleans and Popups - S2 E8

We failed. We were suppose to record this episode while we were in New Orleans but we had no time! So, here we are. In this episode we talk about things to consider when doing a popup and how Elena is now running a popup with 25 vendors! We also chat about New Orleans and The Taco Chair Season 2!


A HUGE success - S2 E9

We did it BIG and it was a HUGE Success. In this episode of Sew Taco, find out what happened at Elena's latest Loca for Local Popup she organized and more. Sew Bonita and Taco Gear had a great Black Friday sale thanks to YOU.


5 second rule - S2 E10

Elena is back! In this episode Elena catches us up about what's going on with Sew Bonita this coming weekend AND we decide to play 5 Second Rule. You know, that game you see played on Ellen? Finally, we have a few things to say about how to look at the end of this year for you and your side hustle and start thinking about next year. We do the same for Taco Gear & Sew Bonita.


Tattoos and a Tip - S2 E11

In this episode of Sew Taco w/Sew Bonita and Taco Gear we talk about some recent ink we got which is both sewing and taco related. We also go over a listeners question talking about how to get more sales in your store. We round it all off by playing a few more rounds of 5 Second Rule...because it's awesome.


We kicked 2018’s ass - S2 E12

In this episode we talk about the crazy thing Gerald had to do the day we recorded this. We each also talk about some memorable moments from this year as well as a few tips for evaluating your 2018 side hustle and what to start thinking about for 2019. This is the last official episode for 2018 BUT we are releasing a handful of new episode nuggets each week until Season 3 kicks off mid to late January. So you'll still be able to listen to us each week. Thank you guys so much for an awesome 2018 and for listening to this podcast. You guys rock. 


Someone Called me an Asshole - S2 E13

As promised, here's a bonus episode for season 2. We'll be releasing these every week until Season 3 begins (late January). In this episode, Gerald talks about the time (recently) when a grown ass man called him an asshole through text message emojis. This wasn't any man. This was a restaurant owner! It's a funny story. The episode is finished off with Gerald's tip for side hustlers. This tip is used by both Sew Bonita and Taco Gear.


2 Stars and a Chipped Tooth - S2 E14

Happy New Year! In this episode of Sew Taco, Elena has some great advice to share on something we all know but need to be reminded of. This advice / conversation was actually unplanned BUT something happened to us today that made it a perfect topic. Check it out. 


Bottle Service & Collabs - S2 E15

In this Sew Taco Podcast episode we talk about a funny story that happened at Americas Adult Playground. We also talk about something awesome you can do with your brand this year if you haven't already. Even if you have, do it again! We're talking about collaborations.  



Hitting the road, packing, a new kind of email, a chiclet for a tooth, dork dads and our thoughts on FRYE FESTIVAL! All that just happened on this quick episode of Sew Taco. 


Ebay is LIFE - S2 E17

On this podcast episode we officially announce the launch of Season 3 for this podcast. We also talk about why all of Gerald's Taco Gear camera equipment smells like tacos, why Elena almost wasted a 2.5 hour drive for Sew Bonita goods AND how we're having a blast selling old stuff on Ebay. 


Know Your Worth - S2 E18

Something happened at one of our jobs today that kicked off this rant we ended up in BUT it all has to do with knowing your worth. YOU are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. This podcast covers some fun things, Elena's tooth progress, a listeners message that made us smile and more. Check it out. Season 3 officially launches next week!


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